The Arrival Part I Departures

by David Ward

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The Arrival is a 3 part series of EP's based on the universal yearning for the elusive goal of an arrival. Each EP illustrates a unique aspect of the overall them with an accompanying video.
Part I Departures
To leave; to diverge; to deviate; to pass away - Departures explores what can be considered both the beginning and end of a journey in the first installation of The Arrival.


released May 18, 2012



all rights reserved


David Ward London, UK

"Imagine Jeff Buckley’s untethered falsetto with Stevie Wonder’s warm, grainy tenor...David Ward has mastered both, plus all points between. Ward is clearly a versatile and ambitious talent." Uncut


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Track Name: The Arrival
The sun burns like that fire in your eyes
Shines like gold through your ribbons of hair
A kiss upon your brow and your scent runs through my mind
See the jewels of her eyes crown her face like a queen

And I heard you say
It’ll be there when you arrive
All these kings they will turn and kindly oblige

So I’ll sail away to this kingdom I’ve heard divine
Blowin’ kisses to the wind hoping you catch ‘em when the southwest rolls in
All these people boarding trains doing what they will to leave
As the dragons raid their homes, breathing their fire and their smoke, make you feel so scare and alone

And I heard you say
It’ll be there when you arrive
Through the fire, cross the Styx, and on the other side

The clouds are rolling in on the third day in the boat
And I’m writing letters, folding them into planes, flying them across the sea, through the storm and into your hands
I’m feeling small as we roll into the docks
Hoping these kings will do like said
Save a spot in their kingdom, a place to lay our heads

And I heard you say
It’ll be there when you arrive
Put your heart and ease and open your eyes

I wake up strange feeling the creatures in this room
Knowing above and below
Windows are playing this same sad picture show
And my day is burning out as yours is lighting up your eyes
And all these trains, they shake, rattle and roll
All these thoughts and possession I can call my own

And I heard you say
It’ll be there when you arrive
And I won’t be far behind
Track Name: No More Troubles Under the Sun
It came on too soon and I never asked it in to stay the night
Crept through the door, ate me out of house and out of home
We all fought the fight and lost all at once when I gave in
Sing me to sleep
No more troubles under the sun

The lamp flickers out but the smell of kerosene will linger on
She held on so tight and I wouldn’t have it any other way
Sing me to sleep
No more troubles under the sun

There by the graveside on the third day they’ve come to take me home
But I will not rise as I’ve come to where I’m finally supposed to be
I’ll sing them to sleep
No more troubles under the sun
Track Name: Lost in Translation
lost in every word that you speak
it ain't easy guessing at what you mean
take what you want but I'm not sure it's what I gave
it's getting harder to read the lines of your face


lost you in the fire when I burned all our words
it's getting easier as it all gets more absurd
and I will twist everything into shapes we can both understand
you tell me to let it be and shake out both my hands


so I'll go but know, I don't want to go
reached the top of this hill only to climb back down below and I watch you through the rain on my spattered bus window
something we both recognize is a wave goodbye